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95 EKONOMY unleaded

Following the technology used in automobile industry, EKO petrol stations offer to all drivers fuels with special additives that protect the vehicle engine, enabling its better and more efficient functioning.
95 EKONOMY unleaded is 95 octane unleaded gasoline, for all type of petrol engines, thanks to contemporary additive formulation and friction reduction:

  • Fuel economy up to 4%, which is up to 2 liters when filling the tank;
  • Keeps the injection system and valves clean (keeps the engine clean);
  • Removes all existing deposits (cleans);
  • Significantly reduces friction;
  • Prevents accumulation and formation of residue in the inlet manifold;
  • Reduces emissions (CO, HC);
  • Protects the entire system and engine from corrosion;
  • Reduces maintenance costs and extends engine life.