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Health, Safety and Environment protection Policy

All employees at Jugopetrol AD are responsible to achieve the high efficiency referring to Health, Safety and Environment issues.

Such high performances together with the efficiency of the business operations are essentials for the overall success of our Company.

Our targets for the continuous performances improvements of Health, Safety and Environment are simple:

No accidents - No injuries of the employees - No damage to the environment,

It is possible to describe all of them in one sentence: 

No accidents can be accepted.
In order to achieve our targets:
  • We will provide and will maintain safe and healthy environment in accordance with the acceptable Working Rules and relevant legislation.
  • We will make all efforts to eliminate the provisions that may result in people's injuries or illnesses, in damages to the environment, our assets and we will prevent any malicious activity.
  • We will control our waste disposals and emissions, having as a target their continuous reduction and we will use energy in the most effective manner.
  • We will often evaluate the risks confirming that appropriate protective measurements have already been taken.
  • We will consult, question and we will openly respond to our Customers, neighbors and to the social groups.
  • We will cooperate with our suppliers, our competitors and Legal Authorities in order to permanently improve the specifications, equipment and operational procedures in the oil industry.
  • We will set out the targets and publish our HSE performances, by recognizing at the same time all those that contribute to the improvement.
  • Accident Losses Control is direct responsibility of all of us and it is more efficient if the contribution of every one is more considerable.