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Special Products


EKO antifreeze products, depending on their type, have the following characteristics:
  • Prevent freezing of the water circulation system at low temperatures (provide protection down to about -35 °C);
  • Prevent boiling of water in the system when over-heated (protection up to 108 °C);
  • Protect the cooling system by means of special anti-rust and anti-corrosive additives.

EKO Auto Glass

EKO Auto Glass is windshield liquid.
It cleans, protects and defrosts, so it is suitable for winter season.
EKO Auto Glass contains alcohol from 20% to 30% with added surface active substances.
It should be used as described in the table below:
Windshield liquid %  Distilled water %
 -25 °C 100 0
 -12,5 °C 50 50
 -3 °C 20 80

EKO Distilled Water

EKO Distilled Water is multipurpose, demineralized liquid.
It could be used for:
  • Vapour irons
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Car accumulators