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Safety at the station


When you arrive at a gas station with the intention of filling up with fuel, please take note of the following:

  • Park your car next to the pump and turn off the ignition
  • Do not smoke, light matches or lighters while refueling
  • Turn off your mobile
  • Do not re-enter your vehicle during refueling
  • If you get off our vehicle, de-charge the static electricity in your body, by touching on a metal surface, other than the pump
  • If you drive a motorcycle, always get off the machine during refueling
  • Take care not to overfill the tank of your vehicle
  • Do not leave children alone outside the vehicle
In case of fire in the tank during refueling, back away from the vehicle and what is of crucial importance:

Leave the nozzle into the fill pipe!

Pump attendants are trained to extinguish fires.

Safety is our primary concern!