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Other than the EKO Retail Network, the industry (or wholesale) covers the needs for petroleum products of all commercial customers (B2B) in the Montenegrin Market.

In particular, our customers comprise of Transport Companies, Construction and Industry, Fleet vehicles and other companies operating in the market.

The available products are:
  • Euro Diesel. Ekonomy Diesel
  • Eurosuper 95, Ekonomy 95
  • Eurosuper 98
  • Lubricants
Both with fuels and comprehensive customer support services, the Industrial Sales Department (Wholesale department) creates a relationship of trust, standing by their side before and after the sale. Thus, Jugopetrol AD  is the first choice for fuel and lubricants in the Wholesale Sales industry from many companies in the Montenegrin market since it is known for its consistency and reliability. 

Our long-term knowledge of our customers’ needs allows us to ensure the quantity and quality of the products we deliver, the loading speed and the technical excellence of the solutions offered.