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Following the technology used in automobile industry, EKO petrol stations offer to all drivers fuels with special additives that protect the vehicle engine, enabling its better and more efficient functioning.
Created to meet the expectations of the most demanding drivers, EKONOMY euro diesel can be used for all diesel engines (EURO 5 or older).  
Main feature of Diesel Ekonomy are as follows: 

  • Fuel economy up to 4%, which is up to 2 liters each time the tank is filled with 50 litres;
  • Improves engine performance due to increased cetane number;
  • Reduces engine noise up to 15%;
  • The additives perform cleaning and provide anti-corrosion protection for all types of engine;
  • It cleans existing deposits and maintains cleanliness on the nozzles form the first filling;
  • Reduces the emission of soot (smoke) and unburned particles;
  • Reduces maintenance costs and extends engine life.