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Premium diesel fuel that gives maximum performance and absolute purity. In collaboration with one of the largest chemical companies in the world, Jugopetrol, in the new Diesel Avio Double Filtered, not only incorporates the latest technology additives for maximum performance, but creates a new fuel which implements the aircraft fuel filter technology to a car's diesel.

Avio Double Fil
tered ensures:

  • Significant increase in cetane number, between +2 and +3 units, which in combination with excellent detergency provides improved engine performance, greater acceleration and increased engine power;
  • Engine noise reduction (up to 20%) as well as smoother engine operation;
  • Provides high level injection systems cleanliness, leading to optimal injection through keep-clean and clean up performances;
  • Lower pollutant emissions and car smoke;
  • Top quality additives provide fuel consumption economy from the first filling the tank;
  • Effective corrosion protection of engine and fuel network leading to longer durability and reduced maintenance costs.

Double filtering

  • Removal of impurity particles
  • Removal of unbound water