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EKO Guarantee Program

EKO Guarantee Program - Sure for each liter!
From the refinery to your car

In the interest and primarily for the protection of its consumers, Jugopetrol AD has developed the first comprehensive program to control the quality and quantity of fuel at its EKO petrol stations. The program is carried out in cooperation with the program partner University of Montenegro.

Control starts from the HELLENiQ ENERGY Group refinery in Greece, through our tankers to the terminal in Bar. EKO road tanks, tracked by GPS, distribute fuel to EKO petrol stations. EKO van with high-standard laboratory equipment, operated by independent experts, carries out fuel testing on the spot and take samples. The samples are then sent to the laboratory for further analysis. Yellow stickers on the dispensers are the confirmation of the fuel quality and quantity check.

Every petrol station that has successfully passed the test also receives a certificate.

At EKO petrol stations, our consumers can feel protected and confident about every liter!