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Notice of Convening Annual General Meeting of Shareholders




Pursuant to Article 135, paragraph 1 and 6, Article 136 of the Companies Law (Official Gazette of Montenegro 65/2020), article 24 of Articles of Association of JUGOPETROL AD and the Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Company Ref. No. 25712 dated 10 May 2021 convened is:



I. Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of JUGOPETROL AD  will be held on 16th June 2021 (Wednesday) at 12:00 hours, in Podgorica, at CUE hotel Podgorica, at the address Cetinjska 7, The Capital Plaza, "Grand Room", provided that the no provisional measures for prevention and suppression of new coronaviruses which prevent such holding are in force for the given period. 

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be held with the following: 


1.     Opening and election of working bodies:

a.     – Chairman of the General Meeting,

b.     – Voting Data Committee,

c.     – Recording Secretary,

d.     – the Minutes verification shareholder;

2.  Approval of Financial Statements of JUGOPETROL AD with independent Auditor’s Report for the year 2020;

3.     Approval of Annual Business Report of JUGOPETROL AD for the year 2020;

4.     Approval of Resolution on Profit Allocation for the year 2020;

5.   Approval of Resolution on the Adoption of the Remuneration Policy for Members of the management bodies of JUGOPETROL AD;

6.    Adoption of Resolution on the Amount of Remuneration to the Members of the Board of Directors of JUGOPETROL AD;

7.     Appointing independent Auditor for the year 2021.

II. Resolutions under all items of the Agenda will be taken by a majority of votes of shareholders who attend the Annual General Meeting or who are represented by proxy provided that the General Meeting of Shareholders is attended by shareholders holding at least 1/2 of the total number of shares (2.326.986 out of total 4.653.971 shares).

III. The materials and proposals of decisions for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders shall be made
available to shareholders of the Company at least 20 days prior the day of holding the Annual General Meeting at the premises of the Company HQs building, at Stanka Dragojevica bb, Podgorica every business day from 08-16 hours and on the Company’s web-site: www.jugopetrol.co.me.

hareholders may exercise their shareholder’s rights at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in person, by proxies or by voting with the voting ballots verified by a competent authority in accordance with the legislation in force.

V. The procedure for identification of shareholders and verification of the documents based on which shareholders may attend the meeting shall be done on the premises of venue specified in item I. herein
09:30 do 11:30
on the day of the meeting.

VI. This Notice shall be available to the shareholders of the Company on the website:
and for all additional information regarding the Annual General Meeting please contact: +382 20 401 802.

President of the Board of Directors

Panagiotis Loukas

You can download the materials and proposals of resolutions for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on the following page.

President of the Board of Directors

Panagiotis Loukas

President of the Board of Directors

Panagiotis Loukas