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Our business

Jugopetrol AD is a petroleum company, operating in a free market and withstanding the challenges of the competition, not only within Montenegro, but in the wider Balkan area. 

Main Business Lines

The Company’s main business activities can be divided into:
  • Wholesale of petroleum products to commercial customers and industry in Montenegro.
    Our Company also provides marine and aviation fuels supply to its customers.
  • Retail and distribution through the network of petrol and yacht service stations operating under EKO trademark in Montenegro. EKO petrol stations are modern facilities designed to offer the wide range of services. Apart from selling all types of petroleum products, they also have mini-markets with a carefully selected assortment of consumer products, auto cosmetics and lubricants.
  • Oil research and exploration in Montenegro (offshore and onshore).


The infrastructure of our Company consists of:
  • Retail network of 46 owned petrol stations in every municipality of Montenegro
  • 3 yacht service stations in Kotor, Budva and Herceg Novi
  • A petroleum installation in Bar with tank truck loading facilities. Petroleum installation in Bar has a tank farm of 20 fuel tanks with the total storage capacity of 110.100 m3
  • 2 aviation fuel terminals in Podgorica and Tivat
  • The fleet of 26 tank trucks
  • Our Company takes care that the infrastructure is properly maintained and in good operating condition


Jugopetrol offers to its Customers a wide range of high quality fuels and lubricants, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment, as well as the assortments of consumer products. 
The Company is mainly supplied with fuels from HELLENiQ ENERGY refineries.
By permanently monitoring the fuel quality (in the refinery, in the vessel before discharging, during its storage and distribution) we provide to our customers the fuels of superior quality.
Jugopetrol also focuses on quality in its advertising campaigns, using the slogan: "Fuel Quality!"
Lubricants and fuels of the highest international standards are event today a sure indicator that 
EKO means just one thing- the pleasure on the road.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy on which the successful course of our Company was built is the following:
  • To make the best use of the support and expertise of HELLENiQ ENERGY by applying the best international practice in supplying the market with the high quality fuels and lubricants
  • To show consistency and reliability and to provide prompt service to our customers
  • To apply modern methods and technologies and use suitable machinery and equipment for the proper carrying out our business operations
  • To provide continuous training and education to all our employees
  • To ensure conditions of hygiene and safety, protecting the staff and all interested parties
  • To respect and protect the environment
  • To give maximal social contribution and support

Plans for future

Jugopetrol is proud of its and all achievements from the past and its over 75 years of tradition, but at the same time it focuses on the future by paying attention to the customers, securing them with the highest quality of products and services, protecting the environment and taking care of the Society.
Nowadays the Company, supported by HELLENiQ ENERGY, is transforming into a modern company that operates according to the highest international standards.
We are in progress of modernizing the existing and constructing new petrol stations and other facilities with the full service that will for sure satisfy all customers.