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Measures and recommendations for COVID-19

 Measures and recommendations for protection against the new coronavirus (COVID-19)

The protection of our employees, customers, associates and the general public is a priority which we have always fully committed and dedicated. Therefore, in the new situation, Jugopetrol AD respects all measures and adheres to the advice and recommendations of the Institute of Public Health, the National Coordination Body and other relevant institutions, in order to suppress the spread of the new coronavirus.

The measures we have introduced and the activities we carried out at EKO service stations, which we regularly inform our customers and all interested parties:

  •  Change of the EKO service stations' working hours in accordance with the latest measures of the National Coordination Body you can see here;
  •  Coffee corners within EKO service stations are opened;
  •  All employees of EKO service stations are provided with gloves, masks and disinfectant
  • We have limited the maximum number of consumers in the markets within the EKO service stations to two and three, except at the service station in Šavnik, where there can be a maximum of one;
  • Since the adoption of the Order, all employees have been informed of all measures and recommendations for preventing the spread of the new coronavirus;
  • All EKO service stations have protective barriers made of plexiglas on post terminals.

We advise customers that visit the EKO service stations adhere to the following measures:

  • Try to finish your obligations on EKO service stations as soon as possible in order to avoid extra hold
  • Avoid contact with employees or other customers
  • Be on the physical distance of two meters from the people
  • If possible use payment cards instead of cash while making payments

In order to protect yourself and others, Jugopetrol AD advises all residents to follow the advice and recommendations as the protection measures against the new coronavirus prescribed by the Institute of Public Health.