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Jugopetrol donates 40.000 EUR to the National Coordination Body and 5.000 EUR to the Red Cross

Jugopetrol AD has joined the fight against the new coronavirus

Aware of the great challenge facing the healthcare system in Montenegro, the company Jugopetrol AD, EKO service stations, donating 40.000 EUR to the bank account of the National Coordination Team for procurement of two mechanical respirators and 5.000 EUR value of fuel to the Red Cross of Montenegro, wants to show solidarity in the fight against the new coronavirus.

"We believe that at this moment, healthcare workers, who are making great efforts and all of their capacities, feel a great responsibility and pressure, and that is why we urge citizens to work together to facilitate and support them, while complying with all the recommendations of the institutions, because this is a struggle for all of us."

Jugopetrol AD undertook all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and it will continue to comply with all Government measures and recommendations of the Public Health Institute throughout its network, facilities and aviation services.