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Announcement of Dividend Payout 2022

Announcement of Dividend Payout

JUGOPETROL AD hereby informs its shareholders that payment of dividends starts on 28 June 2022 (Tuesday) in all the branches of Erste Bank AD Podgorica, in accordance with the Decision adopted at the regular annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on 2 June 2022.

Total gross amount of dividend which will be paid out to shareholders is EUR 4,514,351.87.

The gross dividend per share amounts to EUR 0.97. The net dividend per share amounts to EUR 0.8245.

Shareholders – physical persons are obliged to present to the bank their valid identification document.

Shareholders – legal entities are required to deliver payment order to the bank, on the company's letterhead and in the form that is available on the bank's website: www.erstebank.me, in all branches of Erste Bank AD Podgorica, and on request via e-mail address: info@erstebank.me and dividenda@erstebank.me

The right t dividend have shareholders registered in the list of shareholders of JUGOPETROL AD with the Central Securities Depositary and Clearing Company on the date when the Decision on dividend payment was adopted, i.e. on 2 June 2022.