Jugopetrol AD

Jugopetrol AD

Shareholding Company for exploration, exploitation and trade of petroleum products was established and has been operating under the laws of Montenegro.
In October 2002, 54.53% of the Company was acquired through HELLENIC PETROLEUM INTERNATIONAL AG.
Our Company has a leading position in Montenegrin petroleum market and has been successfully operating for more than 60 years.

The main business activities of the Company include retail trade, wholesale business, supplying, storage and distribution of petroleum products, as well as the exploration of hydrocarbons in Adriatic undersea area.

Jugopetrol AD has a network of 38 petrol stations in Montenegro, 3 yacht supplying facilities operating under EKO brand, storage facilities at 2 petroleum installations, aviation supplying facilities at 2 airports, 2 warehouses for products, spare parts and materials and its own fleet of tank trucks and lorries.

The main goal of Jugopetrol is to consolidate its leading position in Montenegrin market through the high quality products and services, reliable supply, respect for the customers and the environment, its social contribution, and modernization of retail network and other facilities.